About Natalija Russell


Natalija Russell is Croatian, born in Zagreb in 1981.  She is a mother of a 7-year-old, Jack and happily married living in England. After having her spiritual awakening in 2004 her life slowly started on a trajectory that she did not have a clue where its going to take her.

With time she has found her purpose and mission in life and that is to share her light with the rest of the world in a most practical way possible.  Her view on spirituality is that it needs to be understandable and practical in everyday life.

She is a spiritual master life coach and a writer and through her written and spoken word she makes the world a better place to live in.  In 2020 she has written a booklet called Rainbow Warriors and the New Earth, which is her take on spiritual ascension and a guide to point the way others will cross on their journey as well.

In 2021 she wrote another booklet called 'Why Are Some People Poor? And How To Become Wealthy' which is her own experience and take on changing your mentality from lack to abundance.

'Realisation of Devine Within Me' was written in 2023. It described her own personal growth from lower to higher state of consciousness, and can serve as a guide as-well.

Other Booklets that Natalija has written include 'What are friendships?' Which is her own insight and spiritual perspective on frienships, and 'From 3D to 5D', a booklet that describes the difference in the state of consciousness and where is humanity moving to.

Her latest booklet 'Health Equals Wealth' is her personal story, her journey from illness back to health. Inspirational and motivational for anyone struggling with their health.

She is also a creator of a roadmap of self-discovery, a blend of different philosophies that give you a clear picture of yourself and advice where to look next.  She is also a writer of spiritual text in the form of blogs which are applicable in everyday life.