Do you know that whatever you focus on grows in your conscious and becomes your reality?

Do you know that focusing means paying attention, giving your energy to?

Are you aware that your energy creates worlds?

Most people are taught to focus on the wrong things in their life’s.

Isn’t it true, that when you focus on not wanting something to happen, that something usually happens?

The reason for that is because the universe or God, call it what ever you like, is always giving us what we ask from it.

It always says yes. It is like an echo coming back to you.

The problem isn’t in asking, it’s about how you ask and if the answer is always yes, beware that you are asking the right questions.

Universe or God respond to your feelings and not your desires.

So, if you feel happy you get more things to be happy about in your life.

If you feel angry, you get more of that.

Always be mindful of what you are paying attention to and giving your energy.

Set intentions every day, good intentions and see how your life changes.

Focus only on the good and only good will come to you.

That is a true mastery of life.

By Natalija Russell

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