Whatever you can imagine, you can create.

Sounds so simple, but people are still not living their best life’s.

We are using our imagination every day, weather we are aware of it or not, but most people are using it to create all that they don’t want to happen.

Just think.

We create the worst-case scenarios and situations in our imagination, adding a fearful emotion in the mix and our creation comes true.

We can feel it in our bodies even tough its not real, and then we wonder why this is happening to me.

We don’t simply understand that emotion is a first manifestation.

If we learn to use our imagination to create peace, love and all the beautiful things in our life our world would be a better place.

We were given the imagination as a part of six sense to create the life we want to live.

When people learn how to use it consciously we will have a nicer world.

By Natalija Russell

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