Our emotions are just energy in motion. Energy moves trough our bodies and if it does that without us interfering in the process, we are always in flow an at ease.

Mostly we try to interfere because we don’t like to feel “bad” emotions in our bodies, so we suppress, we numb it down with food, drink, addictions, and all sorts of things just not to feel.

When energy cannot move freely trough our body with ease it creates disease.

And what is disease then illness in various forms.

It’s a signal from our body that something is not right with us and that something needs to change.

So, people need to know that any illness that happens to them is because they have created it themselves by not letting the energy to flow.

For that truth people must stop playing victim games and take responsibility for their own creation.

They need to become conscious of their own self, their body and of their own emotions. Awareness is the key to knowing this.

When you know who created the problem it is easier to take responsibility for it.

Blaming your environment, other people or your genes will not get you far.

Solution for this is to change your mind about how you feel, take control of your feelings, and realize you can change how you feel at will.

Then the shift will occur.

 So that you become conscious of yourself.

By Natalija Russell

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