Words are our connection with the physical world and tool that we use to create.

Do you know that your words are spells, and that’s why in school you learn how to do spelling?

Words can have a big impact on our life’s, they can nurture us, inspire us, encourage us but also hurt us immensely.

When you speak from the place of fear, anger, or any other lower emotional state you are being toxic to yourself and others.

Your words are like echo’s so never forget what you put out to the world trough your mouth. It will come back to you like a boomerang.

Its simply karma, what other people say its their karma and what you say back its yours.

So always be kind with your words, even when other people are not because that way you teach them by your example how to behave.

Loving word will always echo back to you that love that you have placed outside of you.

Whatever you put out, you will always get back in one form or another.

Loving and supportive words will bring back to you that same love and support.

By Natalija Russell

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