This can be very challenging for any person.

We try mostly to escape from the parts of ourselves that we condemn as not good enough, not pretty enough, not loving enough and because of society we start to act in the way that others see or say is exactable.

But on that road, we slowly start losing ourselves.

We start to listen to other people, like they know better than we do about what are needs are.

We put a mask on for the show that we call life, and we start playing our role in it.

And sometimes we can escape from ourselves that much that we can’t even recognize ourselves anymore.

That is not the true self, that is ego that keeps telling us who we should be or not, what we should do or not and what is good and safe or not.

Ego wants to be liked, true self doesn’t care if he is liked by others, he only cares about how he feels.

Take that mask of, peel those layers like an onion and when you reach the end you will find your true self.

You were whole from the start, there was nothing to add to yourself just to strip back to your soul essence.

By Natalija Russell

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